Make Healthy Snacking At Home Fun

While prepackaged snacks are great for on the go lifestyles, snacking at home means you can throw out the package and make something from scratch.  With all the ingredients from your own pantry at your fingertips, you are limited only by your own creativity and what you have on hand.  So go ahead and have some fun.  Let your child share his or her ideas and by all means let them pitch in and pour, mix and design a healthy kids snack.Start with whole grain cerealsStarting with whole grain cereals and the sky is the limit with this as your foundation for healthy best bcaa supplement.  You could add peanut butter, melted butter, and press into dish and cut into squares.   Or just add milk for a quick bowl of cereal.  You could combine oats with fruits and make an all-natural granola trail mix, a beloved finger food by all ages.  With cereal as your base, you are adding fiber, lots of vitamins, calcium, and a host of minerals.  Mix fruits and cheeseBerries, such as strawberries, blackberries, and blueberries can be alternated with cheese and put on skewers to make kabobs, as much fun to eat as they are to make.  Pull out the blenderAdd fruit and yogurt in the blender and give it a whirl for a tasty, nutritious smoothie.  Throw in a piece of two of spinach when no one is looking for an unidentified extra nutrition.  Or start with garbanzo beans or chickpeas and turn them into a healthy hummus dip, served with pretzels or pita bread.  All kids love to dip their foods.  The beans pack a protein punch; add a good dose of fiber and clean up is a snap with only the blender to clean. Using a blender to make best creatine supplement its fun and easy.Add some fun shapesAny food can look different by cutting it into a different shape.  A plain sandwich can be turned into circles or triangles, making it fun to pick up and fun to eat.  Cookie cutters put food design into the child’s hands letting them be creative before eating their masterpiece.  Whoever said, “Don’t play with your food” never got to experience fun snacking.  Nutrition doesn’t have to be boring.With a few kitchen utensils, a keen imagination, and high quality ingredients keep your family healthy and happy with healthy snacking.  Kids begin learning good habits that will last a lifetime by participating in snack prep.  Allowing kids to be involved in preparation keeps them engaged and they are much more likely to be excited about good nutrition.