Things You Must Know About Feeding Your Feline

There are several things which you must know about feeding your feline. Felines can become very moody or bored with the food that you are providing. You must provide meals which are high in protein and calcium. Try to provide a mix of wet and dry food for the gentle creature. Here are some things that you must know:

FELINES ARE CARNIVOROUS This means that they do not eat vegetable like omnivores or herbivores. They tend to be very inflexible when it comes to food. In order to provide a healthy meal plan you must provide a mix of items. You cannot provide a cat dog’s food as it does not contain the necessary amount of protein. Dog’s food has a large amount of carbohydrates which are not necessary for their growth and wellbeing. You must provide your cat food which has been boiled and which is free from any bones. You can even serve oven baked food which is great if you are in a hurry too. Try to purchase a quality cat litter box for your cat’s needs.

CAT FOOD BRANDS MATTER You must stay focused on purchasing the best cat food possible. If you purchase items which are not safe for your pet then you will be harming their health too. You must buy items which are good for their skin and body. Try scouring the net or store for items which are premium and gourmet. Ask your vet for recommendations on what you must buy. Try to get your cat to have a sample of the food you are planning on buying this way you can check to see whether the food you have fed it causes diarrhea or not. Avoid feeding your cat chicken liver as it can cause fatty deposits in the arteries. Try to purchase items which are not processed and which are made in a natural manner.

PURCHASE RAW FISH AS MUCH AS YOU CAN You must try your best to purchase raw fish for your pet. Dry food does not contain any water so it can become very dry. Dry food is highly processed as it has gone through various degrees of high temperatures which has altered its nutrients. It can contain bacteria and fungus. Fresh fish is much better for your cat as it is fresh and it hasn’t been stored in a warehouse for an extended period of time. Try to minimize on the fat you might be feeding your pet. It is important for you to check on the cat litter box routine to make sure they are not suffering from constipation or diarrhea.

PROVIDE A LOT OF DRINKING WATERYou must provide your cat a lot of drinking water. This is good for their body too. Try to make sure that at all times the water is clean and fresh for use. You must change the liquid at least twice a day to prevent any feline fur or debris being lodged in the H20. Try to browse through the net for healthy meal plans for your cat as well as indoor dog toilet.