The Best Intercom

Intercoms have been in used for the security of home both indoor and outdoor and to know who is at outside the house. It is now widely used because of the advancements in technology, security and cheaper rates. There is a variety of intercoms available but Hikvision has been making some of the best intercoms. The features, availability, functions and operation, everything is easy to use. So, these intercoms are now used widely. Hikvision has a number of different models with different features and let’s have a glance at some of them. With the improvement of internet, the intercoms have gone better, the communication can be made through internet both audio and video. Plus, the quality of voice and video has improved so much these days. Hikvision intercom has also excelled in technology providing you the best quality intercoms. Some of the intercoms comes with the high quality 7” color display which shows all the info and the video call from the other locations connected to it.  

Wherever you are in the world, you can see who is outside your house through the internet connection. Many IP video intercom systems can be installed with it and can be seen anywhere on internet. The voice transmission has improved in these recent years and with the technology of Echo-cancellation, it is made sure that the voice transmitted is crystal and clear and you can hear it properly with out any distractions and attenuations. If there is any emergency in the house you can make panic call any time for your safety. If somehow, there is something wrong in the house and you are unsure about the security then there is 2-Channel zone alarm system. You can always monitor your door with the IP connected video intercom camera from anywhere over the internet.  

The video intercom comes with different features. It has a camera with good resolution and video quality and you can use it outside your home or office. The body of the intercom is solid and has been made with metal in order to give it more strength and durability. You can also use it for HD video surveillance as it has a high-quality camera. The sound is processed through different technologies so that it remains in the best possible form. The best thing about the sound is that it is processed by echo cancellation so there is no doubling or tripling of sound and there is also the feature of noise suppression. The video that is stored is in the format of H.264 compression form which is also good for storage. The intercom can be accessed remotely for reboot, upgrade and time synchronization. There is a huge variety of different intercoms available at our store, please contact us to know more. For more information, please log on to security-systems