List Of Advantages And Disadvantages Of Traffic Lights

Traffic lights have their own purpose and they have up to date been fulfilling their purpose. They control the access movement of the cars; they are placed on road in a form of a banner and through their lights they stop the collisions happening of the car that might result in accidents. Traffic lights from Melbourne are really important to help the drivers not panic when it’s a two-way road. There should be an awareness program which can educate people enough about the purpose and the importance of these lights

Are these colours of signal lights universal?

Yes, they all are universal. They have 3 lights, red yellow and green. Red one demands the car to stop, while yellow one asks to think fast or be ready and lastly the green one gives the signal to go. If people obey the traffic lights, there wouldn’t be any way of chaos being created due to the rush.

How is it helping us today?

It is helping us today by serving our country, heling to reduce the number of collisions or intersections of the cars that result in less accidents. Or at least making it less frequent.

List of advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages have been listed up, more can be that it gives a sense of authority to the drivers and they can drive in confidence. Moreover, these lights can direct the traffic into different routes by not causing a chaos.

Everything that has a good side also has a conflicting side, therefore keeping it forward the disadvantages of the traffic lights.

Sometimes they clash and don’t really work fine, which I result causes mess in the traffic and misguides the people driving. This might result in collisions and may result in accidents.

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How to educate people

There are some people that have no awareness about these lights and why should these be followed; therefore, people should launch programs where they talk about the incidents that happen and make sure to take the safety measures. This might help them understand and also, we must have officers standing beside the lights, just in case any mess happens he or she can handle it well. See this post to find out more details.