A Few Basics To Know About The 3 Types Of Table Wine

White – For the “Bittersweet” Tooth

White wine is one of the most consumed types of wine in the world. The almost water-like or slightly greenish tinged colour is mainly because white wines are largely made of green grapes. However, there are occasions when red grapes without their skins are used in the production of white wine as well.

The categorisation of white wine is mainly dependent on the type of grapes used in its production, for example chardonnay, Riesling, pinot grigio etc. The alcohol content depends on the method of fermentation used in the production, as well as what type of wine it is; whether it is fortified, sparkling, dry, and sweet, etc. It is best suited for those whose taste buds prefer bitterness, but for those who do not, there are many kinds of sweet whites such as muscat. Australian white wine brands such as Shaw & Smith sauvignon blanc are popular domestically as well as in the world market for their remarkable fruit concentration, translucent colour and acidic finishing taste. Check this website if you are looking for Shaw & Smith Sauvignon Blanc.

Red – For the Lover of Deep Undertones

As with white wine, the red wine gets its dark red and purplish shades from the skin of the red grapes used in its production process. The types of grapes used for making red wine include merlot, cabernet sauvignon, zindafel and Shiraz, among others. Red wines are usually consumed side by side with heavy foods such as red meats, as it is said to help them be digested better. Studies have also found that a glass of red wine a day burns calories and helps to keep the heart healthy, when consumed in moderation. Penfolds 707 and similar popular Australian wines are best known for their complex taste, perfect balance among alcohol content, sugar content and depth as well as the elegant deep red colour.

Rose – For the Palate that Savours Flavour

Rose wine is largely famous among the ladies mainly for its beautiful pink shade and the perfect blend of bitterness and sweetness to taste. Being possibly the oldest form of wine in the world, rose wine is one of the most produced types of wine right here in Aussie. Rose wine also comes in still, semi-sparkling and sparkling varieties to suit the different preferences of those who cherish the taste of a good quality wine. It is also popularly used along with main meals as well as a freestanding drink served at weddings and other occasions, and may even be used in place of champagne or sparkling wine for toasts.